Treatment of melasma with chicken egg white

How to treat skin pigmentation egg white ground is done very simply as follows: use an egg white, apply to entire face for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. This method can also be used for oily and sensitive person.

- Masks should be used 3 times per week to help clear skin and melasma

- Treating skin pigmentation of egg white face unexpected effect

- Use egg whites to treat skin pigmentation efficiency

1. Melasma is not difficult with the egg white, lemon juice

Lemon has always been known as a fruit that contains natural acids help skin whitening, deep cleansing . So the lemon juice is often used in the formula that the “medicine” to treat natural skin pigmentation

- You just need to add 3–4 drops of lemon juice into the egg whites, stir well, then rub the mixture surface within 25–35 minutes

- When the egg white mask was se and lemon dry, rinse your face with warm water.

2. Egg white mask tomato effectively treat skin pigmentation

Tomatoes contain Lycopene is the antioxidant that is effective, helps fight and prevent the formation of melanoma cells, melanin — causes skin pigmentation. Therefore, you can use tomato juice with egg whites apply to the skin with pigmentation to “blow” the ugly traces.

- Masks tomato egg whites help treat skin pigmentation efficiency egg white mask tomato effectively treat skin pigmentation

- Perform regular 2–3 times / week for the traces are completely removed the brim

- Also, because tomatoes can cause skin to the sun so you need careful shielding and apply sunscreen when out in the street

3. Egg whites and turmeric — melasma, white leather 2 in 1

Powder capital technology known as scar healing remedy very effective as well as efficient skin care, cost savings. Not only that, there is the secret of turmeric powder melasma and freckles very effective, are indispensable ingredients in all medications.

You just need to give 1 spoon of turmeric in 1 egg white, add 2–3 drops of lemon juice and apply over the facial area of discoloration within 20–30 minutes. When feeling mask dries, you wash it gently with warm water. You can use rose water to clean deep later.

Note, taking turmeric hot so you should not be used for skin inflammatory acne or have an open wound offline!

How to treat skin pigmentation consent eggs is simple but requires patience, because its efficiency does not appear immediately in the initial implementation.