5 ways to permanently treat freckles at home

Freckles is the discoloration phenomenon, making skin appear black spots disfiguring the face. Though it want to remove this enemy but not obnoxious sister knows how to treat effectively. The following article will reveal to you 5 ways to freckles on the face at the end of the fast, but extremely safe.

1/ The freckles and melasma treatment with honey

Honey is not only meant to help the natural white roses that they are considered as one of the effective treatment of freckles, simple and easily done at home. Especially when combined with fresh lemon, you get the treatment regimen to effectively double the normal due vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C in the lemon will blur freckles quickly.

Perform simple way as follows:

 Mix fresh lemon juice + honey in proportion 1: 1

 Apply the mixture to the affected area home has a freckle, and gently massage the skin for about 20 minutes, then rinse off with water. This approach will help to limit the melanoma, which helps your skin whiter and smoother than many. You should be applied 2 times a week to see clearly the most effective.

2/ How is freckled with yogurt

Thanks ingredient vitamin and lactic acid, yogurt capable of blurring the melanoma, and protein in yogurt also help stimulate skin regeneration, skin becomes smooth bright, more youthful.

How to do it like this: You get yogurt applied directly to the skin freckled face, for about 20-25 minutes then rinse with clean water. Perseverance made daily from 1-3 weeks, you will see the freckles fade quickly.

3/ How freckle melasma most effective herbal

Natural herbal solution is also considered the most effective freckle treatment for women. One of the natural herb can easily search Atractylodes current prospectus. Atractylodes white vinegar soaked in by the secret folk can form a mixture effectively treat freckles.

How to perform as follows: You will need 200g of white rice vinegar 50ml Atractylodes and good. Next, white sliced cut off, for then poured into glass jars of vinegar to flooding. If you want drugs to be faster, you can spread out the dough to white Atractylodes soaked with vinegar, to within about 7 days can be used. Evening before bedtime using absorbent cotton vinegar solution applied to the treated skin area several times (apply to dry out). Apply continuously for several days, the freckles will gradually disappear.

4/ Combined vera rice water + melasma and freckles

Rice water combined with aloe vera is one of the folk tip freckles and melasma treatment of women Vietnam used to be long ago. Rice water itself acts as nutrient natural skin whitening, aloe vera can also blur the freckles and skin smooth.

How to perform the following simple: Take one part of fresh aloe vera, 1 part rice water (after washing rice, waited about 15 minutes and then take the water subsided, leaving parts of the country). Then vera leaf marsh viscous component (by peel) equal to the amount of rice water, mix well together and then apply to face washed. You should use this approach before going to bed, wash the skin brightness up to get the best results.

5/ How is freckled with lotion

Besides the treatment of freckles from nature, the use of these creams is the method many people interested by virtue of its use as a convenience and fast, no time to prepare. In products of this type on the market, Advance cream lines have been many women choose to trust its ability bruising erase melasma, freckles fast, extremely safe for the skin thanks component is extracted entirely from nature. Contact us now for advice skin care product properly with genuine Advance.

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