With the vision to help women more confidence and believe in their self. Advance cosmetic has become a trusted brand in the world cosmetics industry, specializing in providing intensive skin care and treatment product and cosmetic.

Advance’s headquarters based on the United States, we have been responsible for meeting the needs of women of all ages with safe and effective product. Through the diversification and improvement of distribution channels, Advance's products now reached a customer all over the world.



  • For customers: Providing high quality products.

Advances always believe that customers determine the brand’s survival. Therefore, the primary goal of Advance is to bring trust and absolute satisfaction to customer’s requirements, providing customer providing customers with the highest quality products.

Always aware that the quality makes the brand, so the products of Advance must go through a closed production line, safe and friendly raw materials, extremely rigorous censorship of international health organizations and proven effectiveness. There are the “key” that make up our long-term development

  • For employees: Sharing, understanding and developing

Advance always cares about employee life not only by rewarding regime, meaningful teambuilding activities but also creating conditions for employees to have promotion opportunities.

  • For partners: Cooperation to develop together

The fastest way to grow is cooperation and sharing and the fastest way to succeed is to resonate personal power into collective strength. Advance believes that cooperation and sharing with partners is key to sustainable and long-term development.

  • For the community: Giving prominence social responsibility

Advance always attaches the interests of the business to the common interests of society. We determined that creating values for community is also creating sustainable development for the business.


  • Care: Customer care is the top goal.
  • Responsibility: Always responsible for the products we provide.
  • Creativity: Always creative to create unique, diversity products and meet the need of customers.



Advance provides hundreds of beauty products for face, body and distribution for famous spas and beauty salons on many different channels. All of Advance's products are manufactured on modern technology and using natural ingredient which has been tested at the same time surpassing the strict quality control barrier of international health organizations before reaching customers, committed to bringing safety to the skin.

Advance products are divided into many products, which is convenient for various purposes of beauty care such as acne, pigmentation, black spots, pitting scars, oily skin, large pores, skin dried, ...

Advance skin care products guarantee high quality, fully labelled including ingredients, uses, expiry dates and product codes. Advance cosmetic is the best choice for professional skin care product and skin care manufacturing.

Moisturizing product

Water supply, moisturize soft skin, prevent roughness, cracks, protect skin before cosmetics, suitable for all skin types.

Skin rejuvenation product

Eliminate time traces, preserve youthful youth, help skin smooth, pinky, soft.

Whitening chest and
neck skin product

Blurring the contrast between the skin of the neck - the chest with the face, the skin around the neck becomes white-pink, bright.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hình trị sẹo rỗ

Scar treatment product

Relieve stress, strengthen blood circulation, reduce pain, comfort, support metabolism, remove dead cells to help firm skin, smooth pinky.


Originating from US – the cradle of Cosmetic industry, Advance has affirmed our position and taken full faith in millions of customers. We are proud of distribution system of health care products, professional beauty, popular products.

By pioneering aspirations and investment strategies, sustainable development, Advance strives to become the leading brand of cosmetic products and is positioned on the world cosmetic pharmaceutical map, successfully building a high-class product chain, contributing to improving health and beauty.


The Advance commits that