Origin: United States
Function: Natural dietary supplement
Ingredient: Orlistat

Nowadays, when weight control issues are very much concerned. It’s not only for a beautiful appearance, overweight also affects daily activities and risks leading to serious health conditions. There are many products to help reduce fat born to meet the criteria of safety, efficiency and maximum time savings.

The Advance Weight Loss Aid is a fat loss supplement made in the United States. The product has the ability to prevent the absorption of fat from food into the body, breaking down fat and excreting fat through excretion.

The Advance Weight Loss Aid is made from 100% high-class ingredients of which the main ingredient is Orlistat - an excellent ingredient for effective fat loss researched by a team of leading US experts. Orlistat has been clinically proven to reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed into the body. Therefore, the product is safe for the health of users, does not cause bad effects on the cardiovascular system and central nervous system.



Orlistat 60mg


Net Weight: 60 Capsules



Store the product in a cool, dry place

Keep out of reach of children


  • Use 2 capsules a day before or during the main meal.
  • Should use the medicine as directed by the doctor
  • Drink plenty of water when using the product
  • For overweight people aged 18 and over
  • Do not take more than 3 capsules daily

Reduced appetite: The ingredients in the product help reduce cravings for sweet and reduce the amount of sugar in the body to support fat loss.

Accelerate metabolism: The product enhances metabolism to help fat convert into energy, while preventing the absorption of fat.

Burning fat: With natural ingredients, the product helps the fatty acids in the blood to convert into energy easily consumed, promoting the burning of fat and fat in the body.


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